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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Another Labour MP joins criticism of Hutt

Following on from criticism of the health policies of the Welsh Assembly Government by Cardiff Central Labour MP, Jon Owen Jones, arch-loyalist Chris Bryant has now decided to join in the party by shooting at an open goal. He has highlighted the case of two Welsh police officers hurt in the line of duty three years ago, who are still waiting for the orthopaedic treatment needed to return to work.

In an attack on the Assembly Government's health record, Mr Bryant said failure to reduce waiting lists was a lapse in "moral duty" and said people fighting ill health to return to work deserved a "health service they can be proud of".

He is right but why say it now? Clearly, there is a General Election looming and Mr. Bryant may want to insure himself against a backlash on the underpants fiasco but does he really feel that unsafe in his Rhondda heartland?

"...does he really feel that unsafe in his Rhondda heartland?"

Is it a Lib Dem target? Will you be pulling out the famous bar charts? "Only the Lib Dems can win in the Rhondda".

Is it going to be "a photo-finish" between "local Lib Dem campaigner" and "Tony Blair's man".

For more on Lib Dem election tactics, visit: http://dirtyliberals.iainlindley.com.
For details of dubious Labour tactics see entries on this blog passim and many other sources!
You constantly talk about supposed "dubios Labour tactics" but consistantly fail to come up with any significant examples.

Where as new Lib Dem dirty tricks are exposed almost daily.
Most of these so-called Lib Dem dirty tricks is just sour grapes. If you want specific examples of Labour's campaigning record try reading my blog for 12 September 2004. There are other examples here too.
Sour grapes?

After two by-election disasters (Hodge Hill and Hartlepool), and many in your party calling for the head of "election guru" Chris "fatty" Rennard before he has a chance to cock up your general election campaign. I think it's you whsoe tasting sour grapes.
This discussion is really starting to get a bit tedious now David. I would hardly call the sort of swings we achieved in the ultra safe Labour seats of Hodge Hill and Hartlepool disasters. They were outstanding results for the Liberal Democrats as were our victories in Leicester and Brent.

As for the childish personal reference to Chris Rennard that is really not worth answering except to say that the only people who want to see him gone are Labour and Conservatives who are terrified of his abilities.

By the way in my putative listing of Labour dirty tricks I failed to mention the obvious incident of your racist leaflet in Pentwyn, Cardiff. There are many others.
"terrified of his abilities" - don't make me chuckle!

As for the leaflet I believe you may be referring to; it has been condemned by the Labour Party Welsh Executive Committee, and a public apology has been issued.

At least we are prepared to hold our hands up when our members make mistakes, which is more than can be said for you and your party.
A public apology only after the CRE condemned it. Presumably we will have to wait for a public apology for the racist leaflets Labour put out in Birmingham Hodge Hill?
Since none of the literature in Hodge Hill was racist, I very much doubt it will be condemned by the CRE.
Yes, really.
I think you need to wake up to the real world David. There were clear attempts to play the race issue by Labour in both Hodge Hill and Leicester South in the way that certain leaflets were designed and the selective areas they were then delivered. The flags of St. George posters put out in white areas of Hodge Hill for example. Other examples are recorded on this blog.
There was no attempt made to play the "race" issue.

The St George's flags where handed during Englands Euro 2004 campaign.

There was nothing racist in any of our literature.

Have you considered the seriousness of your accusations? You are a senior Welsh Liberal Democrat, I'd think very carefully before you accuse the Labour Party of being racist.

Is the no level you won't stoop to?
No, I am accusing a particular Labour campaign of indulging in behaviour that could be classed as racist. Perhaps you can explain why the St. George flag posters were only distributed in white areas?

After all if the Labour Party can act in a racist manner in Cardiff... And on that subject what did happen in Cardiff? Where the responsible people disciplined? It seems that having been forced into apologising the Wales Labour Party have swept it under the table.

I have of course made a number of accusations with regards to Labour campaigns and racist behaviour on this blog and I am not going to withdraw any of them despite your threats.
The St George's flags where not only distributed in "white" areas - as you refer to them.

I didn't expect you to withdraw your comments. After all, you are nothing but an opportunist Liberal who will say and do anything to get elected.

You should consider taking a leaf out of the book of one of your fellow party members, who recognises that your negative personal campaigning gets you no where, visit http://re-focus.blogspot.com, and examine your conscience - if you've got one.

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about this leaflet that was put out in Cardiff. A full unreserved apology has been issued. It's impossible for you to milk this any further for political gain.
Oh dear we do appear to have hit a raw nerve. I look forward to your evidence that the St. George flags were distributed across the whole constituency. They were certainly only evident in white areas and there was no sign of them at all elsewhere. That indicates selective distribution to me.

Sticks and stones and all that, but with regards to the unreserved apology about the Labour racist leaflet there are two key outstanding questions that have not yet been answered.

1. Why did Labour wait for the CRE to pass judgement before making that apology? By doing so their apology appeared anything but unreserved. I think grudging might be a better description; and
2. What action has been taken against the people who produced this leaflet? One person whose name appeared on the imprint is, I believe, a Cardiff Labour Councillor.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Why did you delete my post?

Are you ashamed?
The post was deleted because I will not tolerate abusive language and swear words in the place of rational argument.
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