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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Poetry in Motion

Any sports fan will tell you that the best poetry is to be found on the field of play and maybe that is how Wales' new football manager, John Toshack, should leave it.

In 1976 John published a book of poems and pictures called "Gosh it's Tosh" complete with a forward by that other great literary giant, Kevin Keegan. Now that he is the manager of Wales Toshack's publisher, Duckworth, has said it might consider reprinting the volume.

With such gems as:
"We're coming in to land at Speke,
My legs are feeling very weak.
We've just returned from Barcelona,
And now I'm going for a sauna."

it is not surprising that Professor of Poetry, Tony Curtis, has described Tosh as as "an enthusiastic amateur rhymester" rather than a serious bard. There is one couplet that indicates how Toshack will be managing Wales:
"Wales come out in brand new kit
But I don't play cos' I'm not fit."

Let us hope that the team stay fit and start winning games again. In the meantime if Toshack is looking for further inspiration for his writing he might want to look to our celtic cousins in Scotland and Dundee's finest poet, William Topaz McGonagall.

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