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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Not cricket!

For once Conservative Monmouth AM gets it spot on:

David Davies: We were told that there were weapons of mass destruction; there were no weapons of mass destruction. The Prime Minister told us that we were getting rid of an evil dictator; he was evil, but there are evil dictators in North Korea and Burma, and we have done nothing about them. There is an evil dictator in Zimbabwe, but we are not sending in the troops; we are sending in the cricket team.

The argument is utter bollocks and shows you to be a person of severely restricted mental capacity unless you are really advocating an invasion of Zimbabwe or North Korea. Are you?

Why not apply the argument to Kosovo, or Afghanistan?

I have always regarded Lib Dems as opportunists, but I never thought you'd stoop as low as David Davis. But that's the thing about Lib Dems, you think they've gone as low as it is possible to go when they just dig deeper.
Clearly you have missed the point of David Davies' comment. Perhaps he understands irony better than you.

I am not going to go through the whole argument on the Iraq war here except to say that it is Tony Blair who is justifying the invasion on the grounds that it got rid of an evil dictator. That is contrary to international law. The fact that he does not apply this logic consistently indicates that perhaps he is not sincere in using it.

Whatever his faults, David is also capable of putting his case in a civil way. This is also an advantage he has over you.
He's not very civil to single mothers or gay people. but if he's your mate then that's your lookout. Personally I wouldn't want to go near him with a 9ft barge pole, but you obviously have a greater tolerance of bigotry than me.
Ah, now I see. My post was about the comment not the person. You are incapable of getting past the personal. I have huge disagreements with David Davies on his policies and his principles. I am on record as opposing his views on single mothers and gay people. In this case though he was right. That does not mean that I consider that he is right all the time, he is clearly not. You really must stop seeing the world in such black and white terms, after all Tony Blair had many meetings with Margaret Thatcher early in his term as Prime Minister and they appeared to get on very well indeed.
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