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Friday, November 26, 2004

Mine all mine

I spent a large chunk of last night at a very lively public meeting in Coity, near Bridgend. The local chapel hall was packed to the rafters with local people demanding answers to a whole series of traffic problems in their historic, medieval village.

As I did not get back onto the motorway until after 10pm I missed the opening episode of Mine all Mine, a comedy drama, filmed in Swansea. I have taped it though, and intend to catch up over the weekend. As with the film, Twin Towns, the main initial interest will be in identifying all the areas of Swansea where filming took place. This is easier said than done as Directors tend to adopt unusual angles and one is often left racking ones brain trying to work out where a particular, very familiar, area is. All the indications are that the series has done Swansea proud and that it is a real showroom for the City. Catch it while you can.

Well, I haven't lived in Swansea for years - though I was there for the elections in June - and I found it quite easy to recognise spots, though there's an early scene where they seem to drive past the Guildhall twice while in a cab going from the train station to Mumbles!
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