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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Labour in trouble again

As if Ministers haven't got enough to do dodging fox hunters and Fathers for Justice protestors they are now having to travel to safe Labour constituencies to shore up their vote in the face disaffected Parliamentarians. The imposition of an all-women shortlist there looks like leading to an independent challenge from the sitting Assembly Member. I am heartbroken!

So what are you saying Peter? The Labour Party Chair can only visit marginal constituencies?

I thought you where clever enough not to believe every Western Mail non-story - obviosuly not.

It may be the policy of your party to neglect your heartlands (do you have any?); it certainly isn't ours.

- please explain...
I presume you are American then, David? Because only Americans would need an explanation on the concept of irony....
I just don't see what was ironic about my post.
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