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Sunday, November 21, 2004


The time has come to adopt the Mollusc as a Welsh icon. I write this out of the perverse pride of knowing that such an act will irritate the English immensely. They may be situated in Cardiff but we now have a National Stadium and a National Concert Hall that knocks spots off anything that the Sais can put up on the other side of Offas Dyke and, no matter how much they copy us, we got them first.

I write this in the context of an article in today's Observer where Judith Isherwood, the Australian chief executive of the new Wales Millennium Centre, rightly lambasts the English for being snobby about Wales. I have to say that having been born and brought up in the North of England it is the case that the southerners look down on other regions as well, but I digress. Having been here for 26 years I consider myself Welsh and am quite happy to make common cause with Ms. Isherwood.

Those Londoners who think that their City is the centre of the English-speaking universe have a very rude awakening in front of them. It is nearly a decade since the birth of Cool Cymru and Anglo-Welsh culture has come of age!

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Your over compensation is pathetic. Maybe you should seek psychiatric help, as there is really no need to feel guilty about having lived in England.
I have no guilt about being born in England, coming from a partially Welsh family I just do not consider myself English. Having read your website I would also suggest that it is not me who needs the psychiatric help.
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