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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Best of England?

I recall a few years ago being outraged on a visit to Tintagel in Cornwall at an English Heritage poster that included Wales and sites under the control of Cadw as part of their fiefdom. I can understand the anger therefore at a holiday brochure that seeks to claim Owain Glyndwr and the National Eisteddfod as classic English icons. Perhaps the owners of English Country Cottages should come to Wales and see for themselves that we are proud Celts, not English serfs.

If that's the sort of thing that makes you angry you ought to get out more. Pathetic.

Half the world's population lives in absolute poverty and you get angry over a poster?
I get angry over a lot of things. One of them is world poverty the other is London-based Labour supporters making value judgements about Wales. If you read the post you will see that I was outraged as opposed to angry but I would not expect you to understand these subtleties.
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