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Sunday, September 19, 2004

That Lembit controversy

I am in the process of transferring the contents of this blog onto a proper moveable type site. In the course of this gruelling, but necessary task I have noticed that I write a lot of things about Lembit Opik. This could be because Lembit is, in fact, one of the few interesting features of a rather dull Welsh political scene. His words and his actions are very bloggable. Anyway my views on his indiscretion over predicting a violent reaction to a fox-hunting ban seem to have had an impact in the wider party. I have had people congratulate me (including other MPs), I have been told that I should resolve these dispute in private (I will when Lembit keeps these sorts of views private!) and I have had spin doctors sigh resignedly at me as if I am a lost cause (I am!).

I have also had a loud and very public stand-up row with Lembit today, the consequence of which is that he has told me that he intends to clarify his views in a statement. Apparently, he has spent some time discussing my blog entry on a number of media outlets. Nice to know that these blogs can make a difference.

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