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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Oh dear!

It is that moment that every football manager dreads. The team has not been doing so well of late and in addition he has committed the odd gaff. The press corner the chairman and ask him about his manager's future. In reply the chairman is unequivocal - "I have every confidence in my manager". Two days later the manager is out on his ear.

Tory leader Nick Bourne must wish it were that easy with his errant group member, Monmouth AM, David Davies. There was a lot of criticism in the chamber yesterday for David's remarks criticising Muslim MPs for opposing hunting whilst supporting the halal and kosher methods of preparing meat. However, all is well - according to Nick Bourne the Tory chief whip has spoken to David about what he said and advised him of the sensitivities.

On another note, David was threatening the First Minister in the chamber yesterday that he would be posting the answers he gave to questions on the internet. As I sit next to David I asked him if this meant he was going to start a blog. David said that he has been thinking about it. I think this should be encouraged and urge people to e-mail him at david.davies@wales.gov.uk to this effect. I am sure that like me he will also appreciate any technical advice that is going. In the meantime check out this latest Parliamentarian blogger, Tory MP, Boris Johnson.

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