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Sunday, September 26, 2004

More McDonalds

Although the act of transferring this entire blog to another server and another format can be gruelling at times it does provide a different perspective on current events by reminding me of what has gone before. Thus, those of us who were fascinated by Tory AM, Glyn Davies' conversion to the nutritious value of McDonald's food, recorded by this blog on 2 September, might like to note comments by some of his Conservative colleagues on February 25th.

As a reminder Glyn wrote "McDonalds restaurants use 100 per cent British beef, are cutting back hugely on salt levels, are promoting salads in all of its restaurants, and are plastering its packaging with nutritional information." However, when the issue first aired the Welsh Conservative Health Spokesperson and the Welsh Tory Leader took a different view. Jonathan Morgan commented about Sport and Culture Minister, Alun Pugh - "He attacks the fast food industry for contributing to poor diets among children and yet is more than happy to accept a considerable amount of hospitality from them." Assembly Conservative leader Nick Bourne said, "Exactly how Alun Pugh thinks being wined and dined by McDonald's contributes to promoting a healthier lifestyle is beyond me."

The thrust of the story of course was Conservative hypocrisy in accusing the Minister of accepting McDonald's hospitality when there were two Tory AMs there as well. What was not clear at the time was the split in Conservative ranks on the nutritious quality of the fare served up in these fast food restaurants. Still, I suppose that is the problem when you write policy by press release.

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