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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


A proposal by the City and County of Swansea to close down Mayals Primary School and replace it with a Welsh Medium Primary School makes the front page of the Western Mail.

The school is situated geographically close to two other Primary Schools and there are 450 surplus places amongst the three of them. The council believe that a rationalisation of that position is needed. In addition a temporary Welsh Medium Primary School is rapidly outgrowing its temporary accomodation and needs to be found a permanent location. There is a great deal of opposition. One parent describes the situation as "ethnic cleansing".

Next to the article on the front page is a story about a disabled Iraqi man who was murdered in a racially-motivated attack in Swansea's Kingsway. The news headlines for the last few days have been dominated by terrible slaughter in Beslan in southern Russia.

Ethnic cleansing and racism is a real issue in many parts of the World. It brings misery, suffering and death to thousands of people. I just think therefore that no matter how legitimate the cause, that when people comment on issues they should get a sense of perspective and use appropriate language.

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