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Monday, September 13, 2004

Evil war

It may be that it is early in the morning but I am still trying to get my head around this comment by Plaid Cymru MP, Adam Price:

"This Government more than any other has given war a bad name. It should have a bad name and be used only as a last resort."

I think I know what he is trying to say but I am not sure if he does.

Had a good laugh at that comment from Adam as well.......and of course its very different from quoting someone out of context etc as you point out in your post below.....however on a more serious point do you know why the Lib Dems are not supporting the impeachment move?

Am not asking for the sake of point scoring...just wonder what the logic is as surely it would benefit the Lib Dems to keep Labour under pressure...and the document produced for the impeachment is detailed and damning......if you have time look at Jonathon Freedlands article in todays guardian which shows how are constitutional safeguards have failed....

Mark Jones 13 September 2004
As I said on this blog on 26 August I believe that the impeachment attempt is personalising the issue and that Adam Price is grand standing for publicity. It is another step down the road to a Presidential-style democracy. The cabinet acts collectively so it should be held to account collectively. If he wants to raise matters of competence then he should do so by way of a No Confidence motion on the floor of the House of Commons.

The official Menzies Campbell line is "I cannot resist the conclusion that this is a silly season stunt. Apart from a few days of publicity it has nothing to offer. Iraq is too seminal an issue to be the subject of gesture politics. The case against the Prime Minister is a political one which the Liberal Democrats will continue to pursue with the same vigour and independence as we have shown for the last 2 years. The verdict the Government should fear is that of the British people at the next General Election.” I suspect though that he has a Lawyer's dislike of the unconventional.
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