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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Boys' Toys

One of the pleasures of Tuesday mornings is the feature on the back page of the Western Mail's women's supplement entitled "big boys' toys". As a member of the Smoking in Public Places Committee in the Welsh Assembly I was particularly interested in one item that was featured today. It is a coughing ashtray designed to drive home the anti-smoking message to even the most ardent abusers of the weed. For a mere £6.95 you can get a cool silver looking ashtray that coughs its lungs up each time you use it. The website the article refers us to contains this review - 'This is simply brilliant! A friend of mine is a heavy smoker, and also coughs a lot because of it. Last time he came round to my house I made sure this ashtray was on the table in front of TV, and when he ashed his cigarette, and the coughing sound was made, it almost gave him a heart attack! The look on his face was priceless, and all for less than £7. Thanks!! I think it is also a really good way to make people give up..... Brian Hamilton, Surbiton - Aug '04.'

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