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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Two weeks is a long time in politics

So what has been happening whilst I have been away. Well for a start there has been a row about law-making powers for the Assembly. Who says that things do not change? Rhodri Morgan and Peter Hain seem to have got together to agree that they do not like Regional Assembly Members having the same rights to stand in an election as other citizens, that they do not think that they can get full law-making powers for the Assembly past the Welsh Labour dinosaur-revival Conference in September and that they plan to re-interpret the entire Richard Commission report to justify their stance. Already they have been condemned by constitutional experts, have met disdain from the opposition parties, and won some support from an unlikely source. It is always like this in National Eisteddfod week.

Another row has broken out over the appointment of a new Chair for the Welsh Language Board. This was inevitable really as such an appointment will always lead to the clash of two cultures - the New Labour control freakery of wanting to put their person into a vital post and Plaid Cymru arrogance that only they have any authority to pronounce on Welsh Language issues. Inevitably the row has led to counter-allegations and a call for an inquiry. As it is summer and the papers do not have much to print all of this got huge prominence in the Western Mail.

Meanwhile, a 6ft 9in performer was arrested in Llanelli Town Centre for stripping down to his underpants and wrapping himself up in cellophane. He was apparently accused of committing a lewd and indecent act. This immediately led a number of parents to book him for their children's parties. Obviously, the Police and Town Officials in Llanelli do not get the joke. They also have a rather old fashioned view of what is lewd and indecent not shared by the rest of Wales.

Business as usual then!

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