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Thursday, August 26, 2004


I am rather disconcerted and a tiny bit flattered to find that Oliver Kamm has added a link on his blog to these musings. I have reciprocated. Mr. Kamm states that "Peter Black is on the side of the leadership" in the Liberal Democrats. This immediately raised my hackles and I have racked my mind to find something disloyal to say just to prove him wrong. No Liberal Democrat likes to be linked to the establishment, even the full-time elected ones. I am reassured by the fact that I was being berated only a few days ago by a senior member of the Party because of entries on this blog. The fact that I am the public face of the Party in my little part of Wales can constrain me a little in what I write here but I try not to let it get in the way too much.

Finally, I would totally endorse Oliver Kamm's recommendation that readers visit Barry Stamp's Political Diary. It is compelling reading and yes, it should be updated more often.

Update: For by-election aficionados the Liberal Democrat candidate in Hartlepool, Jody Dunn, now has a blog, and yes, she writes it herself.

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