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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Virtual reality

For those of you who were wondering if the National Assembly for Wales is a real institution or not I offer you this extract from a speech yesterday by North Wales Tory AM, Mark Isherwood:

"..these regulations represent government by virtual reality, rather than by practical reality."

As this coincided with my laptop giving up the ghost due to a shortage of "virtual memory" I immediately pricked up my ears. Mark went on to perform a double act with Conservative colleague, David Davies:-

.......Headteachers across Wales have told me that the workload agreement reads like jackanory, it is excellent with the exception of the 'f'-word-funding-and it will not work.

Brian Gibbons: Will you explain 'jackanory' to David Davies the next time that you meet him?

Mark Isherwood: As you are a younger Member, David, I will explain that to you later.

David Davies: I assure Mark that I understand 'jackanory'-I saw it when I read the Labour Party's manifesto for the last election.

Mark Isherwood: David, I acknowledge that you think of facts rather than telling stories.

Cannon and Ball it was not. There wasn't a dry eye in the chamber.

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