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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A dedicated follower of fashion

Recognition at last:-

David Melding: Would the First Minister make a statement on the measures he has taken to promote the Welsh fashion industry? (OAQ36900)

The First Minister: What can I say? [Laughter.] The first line in my brief says 'as a beacon of sartorial elegance', but I think that refers to you, David, rather than to me. We provide the resources and policy framework within which the Welsh Development Agency, Wales Trade International, Design Wales, and Education and Learning Wales have supported several projects and initiatives of benefit to the Welsh fashion industry. I will write to you with further details, because I do not think that the Presiding Officer would allow me the time to read them all out.

The Presiding Officer: Order. It is not a matter of the Presiding Officer allowing time for Ministers to read out answers, but of ensuring that Assembly Members have the opportunity to ask a series of questions.

David Melding: I do not expect us all to wear Welsh kilts or ties like those Peter Black wears, but I am sure that you would agree that we all have a part to play in promoting Welsh fashion.

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