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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Sexing it up with Labour

Never let it be said that Wales lags behind the rest of the UK when it comes to our engagement with current affairs. Shortly after the BBC was being accused of sexing up its coverage of the dossier on Iraq's so-called "weapons of mass destruction", the Labour Assembly Government were borrowing the same phrase to put BBC Wales on the spot. This time Ministers had civil servants accuse the normally harmless "Good Morning Wales" of sexing up its coverage of a row over Objective One funding. The fact that the issue went over most people's heads seems to have escaped them. They were determined to have their two-pennyworth and they despatched their own exocet regardless. Now that it has all come out in the Western Mail it all seems a bit ridiculous, but was it an appropriate thing for civil servants to be told to do? We have asked but they won't let us debate it. Honestly, the games that politicians play!

Update: I have been told that the Assembly press officer who signed the letter to the BBC moved on to other things a few months ago. Apparently, he has taken up a more strategic role within the Assembly based in Cathays Park. I presume that this role does not involve acting as the front man to the media on behalf of irate Ministers.

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