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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Results for anoraks

In the absence of the Western Mail's usual comprehensive listing of every Council ward in Wales I have had to resort to Council websites for information. They are a very mixed bag indeed. I have already commented on the excellent Swansea site however Cardiff must win the award for most annoying results service of all time. You start to read it and the screen changes automatically - twice. The "Life-is-too-short" award goes to Pembrokeshire who rather than provide an easily accessible summary in html insist on a separate pdf document for each ward. Even with broadband it is hardly worth someone who wants an overview visiting this site unless that person has a great deal of time and patience. It seems that many Welsh Councils still have a lot of work to do on their e-democracy presence.

Update: I have just tried to find the Monmouthshire results and they have not even posted them on their website that I can see. A request to see who represents each ward throws up the pre-June 10th list! The last item on the current news articles is dated 24 March 2004.

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