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Friday, June 11, 2004

The morning after the night before

I am back! I have had two hours sleep and I am exhausted but I am happy. Swansea went to no overall control last night, the last result being declared at 5.30am. We did not win everything we wanted to but then you never do. More Councils are being counted today and in Wales it looks like we will be able to consolidate largest party status on Cardiff Council and may even get no overall control in Bridgend in my region.

I have spent the last hour putting together a spreadsheet analysis of the Swansea results but the excellent interactive Swansea website keeps crashing so it is taking me longer than expected. The reality for us now is that we have to consider constructing some sort of rainbow coalition on Swansea Council and hold it together. This will not be an easy job and it will take much discussion as to whether we even want to attempt it. Nobody has a real mandate. On a personal note, all three of my staff are now Welsh Liberal Democrat Councillors.

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