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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Whose justice?

The attack on the Prime Minister in the House of Commons with a condom full of flour was a stunt too far and has been rightly condemned by all and sundry. There is no justification for any direct action that amounts to an assault on another human being. By all means seek publicity but do so lawfully and without endangering anybody else.

Swansea Labour Party however, saw an opportunity to have a go at the Liberal Democrats. They singled out two of our candidates who have been associated with campaigns on behalf of fathers and tried to link them to the stunt. They came unstuck though when it transpired that one of the candidates referred to was involved with a different organisation and the other disassociated herself from the attack.

It is always the same with Labour in Swansea. They resort to gutter politics at the first opportunity and, instead of debating the issues, go for the person. They tried it with me last week when they tried to label me "two-jobs Peter" because I am restanding for the Council whilst remaining an AM. No wonder people are disillusioned with the political process, and even more so with Labour, if canvassing can be relied on.

Has Labour forgotten about Peter "Three Jobs" Hain - MP for Neath, Leader of the House of Commons, and Secretary of State for Wales? I think they should be told.

Richard Hazlewood, Chief Press Officer for the Welsh Conservatives 26 May 2004
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