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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Tories come out

I meant to post this on Thursday but I forgot. It seems that in replacing the irrepressible David Davies as their Equal Opportunities Spokesperson the Tories have made a complete u-turn on the less-than-tolerant stance that he was taking.

Mark Isherwood: Will you join me in welcoming the Conservative Party summit in March, which was attended by representatives of lesbian, gay and bisexual groups from across Britain and which discussed strategies to tackle homophobic bullying, the role of Government and the importance of education in promoting a healthier lifestyle? For many, the summit was the first opportunity to tell Westminster policymakers about the issues that concern them most. As Tim Yeo stated, we believe in the individual, we believe in allowing people to live their lives as they choose-

Dreadful as David Davies was, at least when he pronounced on these subjects he was speaking from the heart. On Wednesday Mark Isherwood sounded like he was reading out an essay on what he did in his summer holidays.

How do you find the time to produce these intolerant and judgmental observations Peter? I hope you will join me in welcoming this inclusive Conservative initiative.

Mark Isherwood 25 May 2004
I am just well organised Mark. Still it is nice to see that you have a sense of humour even if you do not understand irony.
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