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Monday, May 31, 2004

Rewriting the classics

I went to see "Troy" on Saturday. I had, of course, read all the reviews and was not expecting it to be any great shakes, however, despite this, I was taken aback by the serious re-write of Homer and their nerve in still referring to him in the credits. Brad Pitt's death scene has to be the most wooden in cinema history but the big question around it was what was he doing in the wooden horse in the first place. He was meant to be dead well before that point.

It may all be just entertainment at the end of the day but for more and more people the only knowledge they have of the classics is via the Cinema or TV screen. If the latest adaptations are not even going to attempt some chronological accuracy then the sum of human knowledge will be severely depleted and the classics sidelined to some dusty archive. Oh well, I suppose there is at least the third Harry Potter film to look forward to.

You went to the cinema?


Ah well, I'm sure you're working hard enough.... keep up the good work.

Chris Black 1 June 2004
My knowledge of the classics is poor at best, but even I was dimly aware that the Trojan War was supposed to have lasted ever-so-slightly longer than the two weeks implied by the film!

Was Patrocles not meant to be Achilles' lover as well, rather than his naive young cousin? Oh well, i suppose that's not very Hollywood...

I happen to like Brad Pitt (Fight Club especially) but he didn't shine in Troy

Martyn Hencher 2 June 2004
Yes, I believe, from memory, that Achilles' sulk in his tent was meant to have lasted 12 months for example
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