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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Back in the Assembly after a hard weekend. I had a meeting with Swansea University AUT about a number of issues relating to the Governance of their College. This is all due to hit the news on Thursday when it is broadcast on "Dragon's Eye".

Plenary continues to throw up quirky moments, of which more tomorrow when I can copy it verbatim from the Record of Proceedings. We spent the last hour debating CAP reform, a discussion that was so full of impenetrable prose and jargon that they might as well have been debating Swedish meatball recipes. If anybody knows what a "hedge whacker" is then please e-mail me. The debate was, in fact, like watching ER - entertaining, but with only 50% of the dialogue in any form of recognisable English. I suggested this to one senior AM, who will remain nameless, and got the response - "what is ER?". I gave up after that.

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