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Monday, May 10, 2004

A load of boules!

Tonight's South Wales Evening Post contains details of the sporting event of the year so far. Next weekend more than 100 players will converge on the pitch in the shadow of the landmark Captain Cat statue in Swansea Marina for the sixth Lord Mayor's Boules Tournament. Sixteen teams will slog it out to raise money for the Lord Mayor's Charities. One of those teams, as ever, will be a group of AMs. I am not so sure however, about the Evening Post's description of our performance in past competitions. They say, "AMs will be leaving the cares of high office behind as they try to put an end to their dismal record in the competition." My colleagues will no doubt be as outraged at this slur as I am. Everybody knows that our sole objective in these Boules' Tournaments is to collect as much money for charity as possible and then get knocked out early so we can go to the pub.

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