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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Know a man who can?

Sometimes it is the noises off or the comments from a sedentary position that get the most attention.

Eleanor Burnham: I particularly welcome the community beat officers scheme, as I helped to launch it a few months ago in Llandudno Junction, when one of your MPs could not turn up due to snow. When it comes to public perception, according to the RAC, the proliferation of cameras is resulting in a widespread breakdown in trust between the police and the public. Furthermore, it states that cameras have failed to detect incidents of driving under the influence of drink or drugs. A recent RAC poll showed that 72 per cent of motorists thought that such cameras were more about raising revenue than safety. Do you not feel that we have a duty-and I have discussed this with North Wales Police-to re-engage with the public, because it is losing faith in the police? Do you think that, because of the growing cynicism and increasing antagonism, as cited in this RAC poll-

The Presiding Officer: Order. You asked about five questions there. This is not to do with the RAC.

At this point Tory Assembly Member, David Melding, suggested that perhaps the First Minister was with the AA, silencing even the Presiding Officer.

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