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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Flying MPs

Well we all feel used now - myself, Francesca and all the other friends to whom Lembit denied point blank the rumours of his engagement to Sian Lloyd. All I can say is it had better be a bloody good wedding!

The reason for all the secrecy turns out to be the old fashoned one of not ruining somebody else's scoop. It seems that the news was broken in Hello magazine. This means that Lembit ignored another piece of my advice. I suggested that he would not go far wrong in following the example of Peter Hain and giving the exclusive to his local newspaper, especially with a General Election looming. They would love him forever and not print another bad word about him. Now, I suppose that as well as fighting the Tories next year, he will also be pitched against a jilted Shropshire Star.

According to the Guardian, Lembit proposed to Sian in a small plane at 3,000 feet above sea level. It beats the hot baths (of which decency forbids me to say another word) but it would have served him right if, at the moment he got down on one metaphorical knee, the plane hit turbulence and she threw up all over him!

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