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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Financial Rollercoaster

Today was the monthly meeting of the Assembly's House Committee. This Committee grows ever more curiouser each time it meets. I suppose that is the problem with a body that is responsible for every aspect of the Parliamentary Estate. Today for example we moved from a discussion on the price of tea in the restaurant to approving the Assembly Parliamentary Service's £30 million budget.

The most bizarre moment was when one of the Assembly Members asked if we could put signs in the toilets requesting that people do not switch the light off without checking if it was occupied first. This prompted the response that the Assembly is installing movement detectors to control the lights throughout the building. If you have not come across these before, then they are the most annoying devices known to man. Essentially, they monitor movement in the room. If there has been none after a certain period of time then the assumption is made that the room is empty and the lights are switched off. The problem is that often the room is not empty at all but staff are working quietly at their desk. These staff then have to stand up and move their arms up and down beneath the detectors to get the lights back on again.

When we were given this information I made the comment that if they were to install these detectors in the toilets then they should make sure that they are placed above the cubicles. Yes, I know, you couldn't make it up!

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