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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Dorian Grey?

No blogging yesterday as I was in London for a meeting and still haven't yet got home. As I was a bit early I decided to pass the odd half an hour camping out in Lembit Opik's office. Having got past the armed police I flopped down in a very comfortable armchair in the luxurious Portcullis House office. MPs offices there are a bit small in comparison to those occupied by AMs but they do have the compensation of an impressive view of the River Thames and County Hall. As I took in the scene my eyes alighted on a near-full-size portrait of Lembit leaning against the wall. Apparently, it had been painted by a constituent as a thank you for some assistance from her local MP. It was not the best likeness but Lembit was clearly recognisable in it. He was wearing a purple shirt and matching tie sitting in a green chair with a crimson background - the sort of colour scheme I might choose for a tie in fact. At first I thought it had been put there to keep his staff in order, a sort of "Big Brother is watching" effect, but then it occurred to me. People often ask how Lembit finds his energy and continues to look so youthful. The answer lies in Oscar Wilde's novel, 'Dorian Grey'. This is Lembit's equivalent of the painting in the attic. It will age and wither while he thrives. All politicians should have one.

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