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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Labour get the jitters

It is possible to tell when Labour are really worried in Swansea by the nature of the rumours sweeping through County Hall. Some Labour Councillors clearly believe that they will lose control of the Council on 10th June and are trying to plant some carefully thought-through scare stories to undermine any new administration. As the Welsh Liberal Democrats are the official opposition they believe that it is most likely that we will seek to try to put together a coalition of some sort to run the Council if Labour do lose their majority. Accordingly, they have sought to persuade potential partners that we cannot be trusted. Thus, we have learnt that a deal has supposedly been struck with the current leader to establish a Lib-Lab Administration in the event of No-Overall Control. It is also being put about that the first act of the Welsh Liberal Democrats will be to sack the current Chief Executive. Neither rumour is true but it is nice to know that they have bothered, reassuring that Labour think that they are looking into the abyss and quite flattering that they might think we have even thought that far ahead.

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