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Friday, April 02, 2004

GLC Cymru

If you are old enough to remember Ken Livingstone's Greater London Council in the 1980s, with its 'wimmin's committee' and the hundreds of exotic grants to strange left wing causes then you might be forgiven for suffering a touch of deja vu this week. Not only do we have our own version of political correctness in the Welsh Assembly but now it seems that the Labour Assembly Government are giving out grants to strange cults. It is one thing to support "The Search For Truth" in which you learn "to sense the extent of your aura by chanting 'nerve, nerve, nerve' with" your hands extended" and to be taught of "natural laws that govern the planet, a mystical system of numbers and colours, the Law of Two or opposites, and something called Electrobics," but to give them £180,000 of public money is just barmy.

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