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Thursday, March 11, 2004


What is it about media programmes that makes politicians do mad things to get on them? More to the point why is it that when I get asked to do Radio Wales' 'People's Assembly' I end up out West? Could I please do Swansea or Cardiff next time? Even better, if it is snowing again, can I do it over the phone?

So, yes, I drove all the way to Pembroke to take part in an half hour live panel discussion in front of a small but lively audience. I then drove back in conditions that at best, can only be described as atrocious. Snow was swirling in front of me and at times I could only see a few yards ahead. I got to my next meeting in Port Talbot at 8.30pm only to discover that everybody else had stayed at home because of the weather. C'est la vie!

Oh, and what is it about some people that they do not understand irony? One of the questions was about Rhodri Morgan vetoing the appointment of the new Counsel General. The questioner asked, "Is Rhodri Morgan a leader or a dictator?" I started off my reply by pointing out that if Rhodri were a dictator at least he might get the trains to run on time. The rather humourless Labour MP on the panel took me literally. Somebody give her a history lesson, please!!

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