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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Mistaken links

I meant to put this up yesterday but I just did not have time. I had gotten home about 10am on Thursday after a day in London visiting the GLA only to find that all the downstairs lights were out. Some water from the bathroom above had seeped into a light fitting and had caused the fuse to blow. As a result I spent too much time sorting it out and not enough time doing the other things I needed to do.

So, an HTV reporter pointed this out to me earlier in the week. I refuse to take any blame for this. Those who follow the ins and outs of Assembly politics will know that the Welsh Government packaged all their aspirations under the heading "Better Wales". A website was set up but it seems that they failed to buy up all the domain names. As a result somebody looking for the Better Wales site had a bit of a shock. Yes, you have guessed it. They typed in www.betterwales.com and got a site selling various downloads. So they tried its Welsh equivalent. Before you click on this link you should be warned that www.gwellcymru.com acts as a gateway to a number of porn sites. I hope they do a better job of running the Government.

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