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Wednesday, March 03, 2004


I am gutted that I cannot find an electronic version of this article in the Western Mail or that the Stuff Magazine website does not seem to have the original article on it either. The Western Mail reports that a list of the hottest 50 'must have' gadgets for men would also demand a healthy bank balance. They range in price from a £26,000 sports car to a £16 device for finding the hot spots for wireless internet connection. Ah, boys toys I hear you mutter. If so you are right. These gadgets are getting so complicated that even if I owned them I don't think I could find the time or the energy to work out how to use them. Speaking as someone who only got a CD player a few years ago and a DVD player last month, I do not know if I want to own an iPod digital music player (I only ever have time to listen to music in the car) nor a £650 home cinema system.

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