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Saturday, March 06, 2004


I know that I am unfashionable in this regard but it is my view that breakfast is not a suitable meal over which to do business. Whenever my Assistant produces yet another invitation to a breakfast from some organisation or another, I always offer the same response - "I do not do breakfasts!" It is unreasonable in my opinion therefore, that at this Conference Saturday morning should start off with two such breakfast meetings. One at 7.30am and the other at 8am. Do these people expect coherence at this time of the morning? Breakfast is a time for waking up, for eating and for catching up with the news. It should not be about lobbying and schmooz. I may be writing this article at 7am but that does not mean that I am rushing to attend either of the two breakfasts that have been put on for the benefit of the delegates and me.

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