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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Although I am a relative newcomer to the world of the internet and blogging and although I can barely pronounce html, never mind use it, it seems that my website has been nominated for the New Statesman New Media Awards. Nominations close on 31 May 2004 and the winners will be announced in July. I have looked at some of the other nominees and do not believe that I have much of a chance but it will be an interesting experience. When I started there were but a handful of Liberal Democrat blogs. Now they are growing like crazy. The latest ones are from Tom Paul and Claire Potter. The same seems to be true of weblog competitions. As I said below, all it takes is for Tony Blair to come on board and we will become mainstream.

I am not entirely comfortable of course with the backhanded compliment of the person who nominated me especially as he works for the Welsh Liberal Democrats. Mr. Townsend says "Sometimes a little facile, this is the website of a politician who is immersed in his own profession. Nevertheless, it has a following and has been the source of a number of amusing newspaper stories." Facile? I ask you.

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