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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Odds and ends

'The School of Rock' is a must-see film, very funny, very feelgood and ideal for aging rockers like me. I saw it last night and I loved every second of it. I particularly enjoyed the credit sequence in which Jack Black and the kids jam their way to the very last second of the last frame. Like Nick Barlow I am sceptical whether if Tony Blair has a blog for the next election he will write it himself. From what I have heard he does not dabble much with computers and has only recently taken up e-mail. I do not think that he is incapable of mastering the necessary programmes, after all I have sort of done so, but that he has the time to really establish a proper conversation through that medium. If he does have a blog though, even if it is a blog-by-proxy, it will put us all on the map.

The Doonesbury cartoon that Nick has linked to is a classic. It makes a very serious point in a funny way about how the technology is getting ahead of all but a small minority leaving the rest of us to muddle through as best we can. There are programmes on my computer that I have not the faintest idea what they do. Even the ones I use regularly I use only to a limited extent because I am self-taught and do not have the time to get proper tuition. One day I must find the time. In the meantime I must rush off. I have spent the last few hours in my Assembly office catching up on my correspondence and now need to get to Chapter to see Elephant with my wife. A bit of a contrast with last night's film I think.
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