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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Jane says sorry

But not for the state of the Welsh NHS. Jane Hutt has apologised to Labour MP, Kim Howells who savaged her in characteristic terms for her failure to respond to a letter of his about a constituent in good time, for her failure to reply in person and for her refusal to meet him to discuss the matter. The Assembly Health Minister now says that she will meet Mr. Howells after all.

The question is do we have to make this amount of fuss about each one of the tens of thousands of people waiting for treatment in Wales to ensure that they are dealt with? I am beginning to think that there are now many Welsh Labour MPs who think that this is the only way forward. With a General Election looming and their seats up for grabs they fear that they will be judged by voters not on the basis of the much improved performance of the NHS in England but on Jane Hutt's inadequate stewardship in Wales. No wonder they are getting twitchy.

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