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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Is your MP revolting?

Thanks to David Cornock for pointing me to this site. Their list of the usual suspects of rebellious Labour MPs is enlightening though from what I can see there are only two Welsh MPs on there - Denzil Davies and Llew Smith. In Welsh terms they really are the usual suspects - principled and free-thinking. The prospect of there ever being a similar list for rebellious Labour AMs is remote. If he is watching at all then Tony Blair must wish he could swop places with Rhodri Morgan as week after week the 30 members of the Labour group press the correct voting button regardless of their own personal views on the issue in question. The only significant rebellion I am aware of was last week when Peter Law departed from the group line and voted wth the opposition against the principle of top-up fees. His revolt forced a casting vote from the Deputy Presiding Officer who, according to precedent, had to vote the anti-fees amendment down.


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