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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Greenhorns, part two

This has to be the most bizarre Welsh political story of the month. There are so many questions that spring to mind over the prospect of a former Secretary of State for Wales and the Deputy Presiding Officer of the Welsh Assembly travelling all the way to Swansea to have a curry with the representative of a minor political party who has never won a significant election in his life that I do not know where to start. Has the new Welsh Left been reduced to scraping around for the crumbs already? Are the leaders of this so-called new mass movement so desperate that they have to beg for favours from minnows? Do they realise that if this is true, then they are doing business with a party that only last month backed a man who has been convicted of corruption in a Council by-election?

When I first read this story I thought that it had something of the urban myth about it. After all who would be so stupid as to have a secret meeting in a Swansea curry house and then to sign the visitor book? Of course it could all be a coincidence. Three men whose paths have crossed at obscure meetings in the back rooms of backstreet pubs all separately enter the doors of Vojon (one of Swansea's best Indian Restaurants by the way and well worth a visit) on the same night. They are startled by seeing each other and decide to sit together. As it happens it is the night that the restaurant is being relaunched and they are asked, with other customers, to sign the visitor book. Later a Swansea Labour Councillor enters, sees their names in the book, puts two and two together and gets five. We may never know. Do we care? No!

No Peter it was not the opening night.. Vojons opened in September 2003. The meeting occured in December. It was not secret. However if you do not care about it I am surprised you are writing about it. However you are wonderfully adding to my propaganda please keep it up

Martyn Shrewsbury 12 February 2004
Why do I always get comments from people who have a master plan for World domination?
Where did Martyn Shrewsbury learn how to be such a shameless political opportunist I wonder? Was he never a candidate for any other minor fringe party? I think we should be told!

David Collins 16 February 2004
Actually I have always found Martyn to be a very principled politician. It is one thing to have a bit of fun at each other's expense but I do not think it does anybody any good to turn our political differences into personal attacks.
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