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Friday, February 27, 2004

ET ring home

The cliffs at Southerndown are a notorious suicide spot. It seemed eminently sensible therefore to install an emergency hotline to the Samaritans in the hope that those who had driven there to do away with themselves might have second thoughts and seek last minute help. Apparently, it is true that those who are going to kill themselves in this way will often walk to the bottom of the cliff to have a look at where they will land. Nevertheless, I would guess that most of the second thoughts will come as they approach the cliff edge. Also, whereas only some of the potential suicides will make the trip to the beach to look first, all of them will, by definition, end up on the cliff edge. So if you were in charge of installing the phone where would you put it? Well, the Council put it at the bottom of the cliff. You couldn't make it up!

Putting the phone at the bottom of the cliff doesn't make any sense, everybody knows that your second thoughts come in mid-air! :)

Francesca Montemaggi 27 February 2004
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