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Monday, January 19, 2004

The Welsh connection

Tom Cruise is Welsh! Yes, our unfortunate obsession with finding mega stars we can claim as our own has landed a really big 'un this time. It seems that the impossible mission accepted by Tom's great great grandfather in 1850 was to get from Flint to the New World, where he was charged with starting a dynasty of Mapothers that was to eventually spawn the great film star himself. Some of the comments in this piece would be funny if the people concerned were not so deadly serious. The Council Leader, speaking as if World peace had just been brought about in Hawarden, said "We are thrilled to be linked to such a huge celebrity icon." The funniest quote however was from journalist and broadcaster, Carolyn Hitt, on Radio Wales this morning. She suggested that Tom might want to rename his latest film and call it instead "The Last Shwmai"!

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