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Friday, January 30, 2004

Things we don't normally think of

Sometimes something happens that is relatively trivial and commonplace but which still causes us to do a doubletake. Yesterday I paid a visit to Bridgend Recreation Centre to see the Way Forward Project for young single mothers. After talking to the young mums, visiting the creche and discussing the project with the staff I was taken out onto the playing fields to see a second project. This one is being put together by the Bridgend Youth Service and involves engaging young people in the County Borough through sport. When I got there the Army were taking the youngsters through a team building exercise. I stayed for half an hour or so talking to the Youth Service organisers and a local journalist. Near the end we were joined by one of the Army Officers who discussed with my guide the possibility of organising a five-a-side football game. She expressed an interest and asked for contact details. At this point one of the other Army people dug into the pocket of his military fatigues and pulled out some business cards. The idea of army personnel carrying business cards is a logical and natural one, especially in a civilian setting, however it still surprised me a bit. I suppose I am more used to exchanging cards with people wearing expensive suits. Would it be fatuous to wonder if they take them on peace-keeping missions with them? Yes, of course it would. Forget I asked.

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