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Sunday, January 25, 2004

So long Ron! I can't say I am surprised.

So Ron Davies has resigned from the Labour Party and launched yet another stinging attack on Welsh Labour - "The big issue is the failure of the Labour Party in Wales to respond to the opportunity of devolution. There is the issue of competence with the administration in Cardiff Bay. There seems to be a determination to avoid any discussions to empower the Assembly. For me they are just no longer capable," he said. Of course if Ron had not gone for a walk on Clapham Common and he had been First Minister it would have all been so very different, or would it? The attempt to rationalise sour grapes in this way is not convincing.

The big question now is where will Ron go next. Will he appear on the European list of John Marek's alternative socialist party? With his ego only the number one spot on that list would do.

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