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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Calm down!

Peter Hain, the Secretary of State for Wales, is at it again, commenting on the outcome of the Richard Commission, currying favour with Labour MPs and seeking to stake out a position in advance of any recommendations the Commission may have with regards to more powers for the Welsh Assembly. It was with some frustration therefore that I raised the matter with the First Minister yesterday:

Peter Black: Will the Minister make a statement on any discussions that he has had with the Secretary of State for Wales on the Richard commission? (OAQ31284)
The First Minister: With the Secretary of State, we have noted the progress of the commission's work in that it will be completed and published shortly. As you know, Peter, the commission is independent and it will reach its conclusions based on the evidence that it has received, and neither the Secretary of State nor I know what those conclusions will be.
Peter Black: Given the recent, increasingly hysterical pronouncements by the Secretary of State for Wales on the Assembly's powers and how we conduct our affairs, the next time that you meet should you not advise him to calm down, to stop spinning and to see what the commission recommends before making further comments?

I have to say that I enjoyed saying it if nothing else.

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