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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Back to School

Sometimes the Assembly resembles a Comprehensive School. I can well remember attending classes after a particularly severe or radical haircut. Naturally, you were the subject of some good-natured ribbing. It seems that nothing changes in adulthood if this exchange in the chamber yesterday is representative:

Peter Law: ........ Like many others, I would prefer not to see variable, or top-up fees introduced in Wales, because I feel that the imposition of those fees-
The Presiding Officer: Order. We are well out of time for this statement, as I said. I wanted a brief question and a brief answer.
Peter Law: I have made my point, Llywydd. Sorry, I was temporarily distracted by the makeover of my friend, Peter Black. I thought that we had a new Member.
The Presiding Officer: I have already raised this matter with Peter Black privately. [Laughter.]

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