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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

School's out

Today was the last Plenary Session of the Autumn term. It has been a long one and a lot of us are very tired after weeks of late nights and early mornings. This does not mean that we can put our feet up of course. I have six meetings tomorrow alone, little time to do any Christmas shopping and my first time off is the afternoon of Christmas Eve. What makes the last week of term more hectic is Christmas cards. I must have signed over 600 in the last two days and AM support staff everywhere are wandering around the corridors muttering about the number they have had to stuff into envelopes, label and stick stamps on. Still there are always the carol services, not to mention the carols piped into the Assembly chamber before each session, department store-style. Is it any wonder that we are all delighted to get back to our constituencies and get down to work with the people we represent once more?

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