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Sunday, December 07, 2003


Wonderful quiz on the newest Liberal Democrat Blog - Topical Fish - if only because it came up with the right answer for me. Apparently, I am "a woolly reformist liberal. You always wear flowers in your hair, dangly earrings, and badges protesting against New Labour, pollution, nuclear power, etc. You usually read the Guardian, but recently decided to boycott it due to its Blairite sympathies and now buy the Independent as a mark of protest. You spend your spare time playing the guitar, making jewellery, writing poetry, inventing amusing captions to accompany photos of Iain Duncan Smith, and delivering leaflets for the Liberal Democrats. People may make fun of your tolerant and progressive outlook, but just like your belief that Iraqs weapons of mass destruction are totally non-existent, you will eventually be proved right. In the meantime, carry on spreading the love. We need more people like you." OK, only some of it is true but what the hell. Try it.

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