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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Quiz Time

I reported on 2 December that the Assembly has been invited to enter a Members team onto University Challenge. The team is to be made up of an AM from each party. There is no news as yet on who will be in this team. The last I heard regarding the Welsh Liberal Democrat entry was that our Director of Communications was working his way around the group with test questions to see who achieved the highest score. The South Wales Echo picked up on my story and compiled its own team. Like me, the paper included First Minister and fount of all knowledge, Rhodri Morgan. They added Mick Bates from the Welsh Liberal Democrats on the grounds that he knows a lot about popular culture. Well, if you define popular culture as Bob Dylan, then that is true. David Melding, the knowledgeable and cultured Conservative Chair of Health and Social Services Committee was also on their team. Finally, they nominated Plaid Cymru's Dr. Dai Lloyd on the grounds that he has more letters after his name than he does in it. Well, they seem to have struck gold with Dai. In the Radio Wales Christmas Quiz today, he stormed ahead to win, beating Huw Irranca Davies MP, two-times winner and defending champion Mike German and Tory, Glyn Davies. Let us hope that when our four gallant champions, whoever they are, face up to Jeremy Paxman they do better than the record-breaking low score of the MPs on the same programme.

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