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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Odds and ends

I am posting this at 8.30am. I stayed in Cardiff last night but for once actually got to see the "West Wing". I was shocked to see that they have recruited Chandler from "Friends" as the new Assistant Counsel. At the first sign of them drafting in Joey or Ross I am switching off! I was speaking to the Deputy Presiding Officer last night who said that one of the first things his staff do in the morning is to log onto this blog. Presumably, they are monitoring it for my many indiscreet remarks. So, good morning to you all. As it happens I have just downloaded the statistics for my website this morning. I am not sure if I have really got the hang of them but I was pleased to see that this blog had nearly 600 hits in November. The number of individual visitors to my website has hit a new record at over 1,500, whilst the site itself had over 9,000 hits. Clearly, this experiment in e-democracy is having an impact.

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